There are 50 children that are waiting on rescue from the most horrendous situations that a child could ever endure.

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We partner with teams to rescue children from brothels, red light districts, and sex slavery or abusive situations.

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As a full-spectrum rescue organization and aftercare home we work with agencies in reintegrating girls that have been trafficked back into their families or communities.

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Thrive Rescue HomeShe has a name, she has a face and she has a story to tell.

Pattaya Thailand is a city known as the 'world capitol for child sex trafficking', Jeremy & Jenifer Kraus were heartbroken as they visited this city. The heart-wrenching faces of young girls trapped in sex trafficking would leave their mark on their hearts forever.

As we walked the streets of Pattaya we knew "we must do something, no matter the cost. After all, these girls are NOT for sale, they are PRICELESS."

At Thrive Rescue Home, our specialized restoration of these girls is our heartbeat. Our girls receive medical care, counseling, schooling and most importantly are cared for and loved.

Together with volunteers, partners and YOU we are bringing hope and restoration to these young girls trapped in an invisible cage.

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Become a Rescuer!

Thrive Rescuers are an elite team of individuals (YOU) that are committed to providing rescue and restoration to 50 survivors of child sex trafficking in TWO nations.

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Sold To A Stranger

Written by Jenifer Kraus  /  Published on Wednesday, 29 January 2014

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Young Hearts in the Village - Thrive Prevention Outreach

Written by Kaylie Wilson  /  Published on Friday, 25 July 2014

As the roosters crowed, we awoke within the village on our handmade mats, underneath rope tied mosquito nets and with excitement in our hearts. Our trek to this village in Central Thailand was in order to continue to build long lasting relationships and provide trafficking prevention but what we received, was so much more. Traveling in the bed of a truck to the local dam, we came across a group of teenagers propped on the side of the dirt road. We barely finished our invitation to them as they got on their motor bikes to follow suite behind us. The term community service began to become more of an intricate reality in the means of creating a bond and community with one another through each piece of broken glass we picked up, which may have very well been a beer bottle one of the teenagers obtained liquid from some days before. A spot known for kids to come and party was now filled with laughter and helping hands. We were not about to allow the opportunity to continue this hang out to end and conducted a way to find a truck large enough to fit about twenty children along with ourselves, in order to venture to our next adventure.


One hour later and a couple of the kids friends we picked up along the way, truck still moving and all, we arrived at a place where you could not help but become a kid yourself no matter your age. An incredible and never ending waterfall. Climbing rocks, sliding and jumping together into the pool hand made by nature, we were astounded by the giggles that were shared and the trust that began to be created. Away from the unfortunate pool of life that gives the misconception that one must sell themselves or others for profit and slithers thoughts into young minds asking them to be a child in an adult situation, we were able to let all troubles fall away from our minds and slip into pure bliss.


We brought the still excited but tired children back to the village where we then had dinner, family style on the floor. The night then continued as we watched enticing eyes invest in music, stories of the bible and self defense movements, asking to know more and participating without push. It was incredible to witness the first hesitation of a high five and now each one asking for hugs and grabbing our hands as each activity proceeded. To see the sincerity of the look in their eyes as they asked us to come back and teach them more. The hopefulness of a future like that of X, a 14 year old boy who was able to trade in his pots and pans for a drum set provided by the team last trip and now is able to send himself to school through his musical gifts. It is hard to find words to make you visualize the beauty of a honest earning through a rice farm and the welcoming of those who to the rest of the world, have nothing, yet are willing to give everything to make you feel like family. This was more than an outreach; this was an appointment with friends we did not yet know we had, whose growth will continue to strengthen.


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